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High Speed Internet For Rural America

Stop pulling your hair out from slow Internet service. With broadband Internet you can enjoy super fast browsing, connect with friends and family and take control of your life with online shopping, online banking and more!

Exede Internet Service with WiFi

Exede by ViaSat Internet Service from Satellite Broadband ISP is a high-speed Internet service provider that you can count on. With Exede broadband you know that you have a cutting edge technology ISP. Exede has been created with the same innovations and technological breakthroughs that militaries around the world use. No matter where you are located in the continental U.S., you can get an Exede satellite signal.

Rural Internet Options with Exede and WildBlue

For far too long now the rural and remote areas of the U.S. have suffered from extremely slow broadband connections. In fact, a recent study from BroadbandMap.gov found that the western states of the U.S. were suffering the most. Satellite Internet providers have solved this problem by offering broadband (always-on connections) in all areas of the United States. These new satellite internet services from Exede allow users to not only do usual web browsing, but also allows for streaming movies and TV (using NetFlix, for instance) and high speed (or fast-twitch) online gaming. Previously these feats were unthinkable.

Unlimited Satellite Internet

Exede by ViaSat is the only satellite broadband provider to offer unlimited satellite Internet. This is known as the "Free Zone" and is included in all Exede Packages. The Free Zone allows you to have unlimited browsing, downloading and streaming from Midnight to 5am every day. Other satellite broadband providers have "bonus bytes", or extra data, during off-hours, but Exede is the only one to give you no data caps every day.

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What is Broadband Satellite Internet?

Whether you live in the hills or the planes, rural homes have been without broadband Internet for years. Satellite Internet is the solution.

How Fast is Satellite Internet?

With the new advances in satellite technology you can now get broadband Internet anywhere in the USA. See how satellite compares to other providers

Should I Get Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is super fast, but it isn't for everyone. Learn more about who should get satellite Internet (and who shouldn't) before you make a decision.

Satellite Providers In My Area

Find out which satellite Internet providers offer high-speed satellite Internet service plans in your area. Or, call one of our Internet specialists.

High Speed Satellite Internet

Don't let where you live affect your ability to get fast Internet in your home. With the latest advancements in Satellite technology you can get broadband internet speeds that are faster than ever before. Pick a satellite internet service provider in your area, get connected and start experiencing all high speed Internet has to offer.

  Get download speeds of up to 15 Mbps - that's 200 times faster than dial-up, up to 10 times faster than standard DSL!

Satellite Internet Phone Service for your Home

Get rid of your home phone and get phone service with your broadband Satellite Internet service provider. Avoid all those surcharges, and lofty taxes and fees you typically see with the traditional phone company. Invest your savings in getting faster Internet service!

  Save money and get free long distance when you replace your current home phone with VOIP with your internet service.

Bundle DIRECTV Internet

When you bundle with DIRECTV you receive a discount on your monthly bill! Don't waste your Satellite Data Allowance on streaming movies. Get your movie and TV entertainment when you bundle with DIRECTV - Movie channels, HD channels, sports, live shows, local channels and more.

  Save your data and your money when you bundle internet with DIRECTV

Our Exclusive Special Offers

We are constantly getting special offers and savings that we can pass on to our customers. Since we are a dealer we have exclusive offers we extend to our customers that you won't get when you go straight to our partners!

  Customers that refer their friends, family and neighbors receive a $25 gift card when they sign up!

  Get a $50 gift card when you buy bundle your Internet service with any DIRECTV or Home Security plan!

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Blazing Speeds

Enjoy download speeds of up to 15 mbps or upload speeds as fast as 3 mbps! Faster speeds that let you do more things online like stream videos, play online games and connect with people on social sites.

Bonus Data Zone

Get the most from your Internet service when you take advantage of bonus time - stream videos, play online games, download + share files - do it all without using up your monthly "Anytime" data allowance!

Available Everywhere

Satellite Internet is not bound by wires and cables. Neither should you! Live anywhere you want in the continental U.S.A., we'll beam fast Internet to your rural home from our high capacity satellites!

Always-On Connection

Walk up to your computer and start surfing the web! No need to dial into your internet service provider to get connected to the Internet.


Want wireless? The modem your satellite Internet provider provides will work with most wireless routers available for purchase at your local electronics store.

Support You Need

With 24 x 7 x 365 support you can get excellent support anytime to keep your Exede Satellite Internet working when you need it most, whether its for work or play.