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Compare Satellite Internet speeds with Dial-Up and DSL

Satellite Internet Speed Comparison

We know there are other Internet service providers you're trying to pick from. So, let us be frank. Satellite Internet is super fast broadband Internet service that will allow you to do almost anything you want online. You will be amazed at the download and upload speeds you will achieve.

To make things easy for you, we've created a download speed comparison chart which compares Satellite Internet service with other services available in most places.

Just because a service is listed in the chart doesn't mean it's available in your area. You might be in a rural area that only offers dial-up or basic DSL.

To find out what services are available in your area, call 855-336-1739 to speak to an internet specialist who will check service availability for all internet service providers in your area and give you an unbiased consultation as to which services will best meet your needs. Some people are looking to stay within a certain budget and some are looking to push the limits of their Internet speeds and data limits. Whatever you demand from your internet service provider, let us help you determine what services are available and which is right for you.

Internet Speed Comparison Chart

Chart below shows how long it takes to download a 10 MB file
Dialp-Up @ 56 kbps (23 minutes 48 seconds)
Standard DSL @ 1.5 Mbps (51 seconds)
DSL @ 3 mbps (26 seconds)
Satellite Internet @
5 mbps (16 seconds)
Satellite Internet @ 12 mbps (7 seconds)
Satellite Internet @ 15 mbps (5 seconds)
Basic Cable @ 6
Mbps (14 seconds)
High Speed Cable @ 30 Mbps (2 seconds)
Fiber Optic @ 100 Mbps (less than 1 second)

Faster Speeds

Faster upload and dowload speeds than ever before with Satellite!

Available in Rural Areas

Satellite service coverage isn't limited by phone lines and cables.

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