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Exceed Satellite Internet Data Allowance?

Learn Ways to Avoid Exceeding Your Internet Plan

Often times Internet users with broadband Internet service don't realize just how much data they've consumed because of how fast the data gets downloaded. They start streaming videos on YouTube, binge watch Netflix, stream music and play online games. Regardless of how they do it, it happens and BAM! - all of a sudden they exceed their Internet data allowance for the month.

Following are some ways to not exceed satellite Internet data allowance:

  • Bundle Satellite with DIRECTV® for your movie entertainment
  • Upgrade your Netflix to get discs in the mail
  • Rent movies from RedBox
  • Buy entire seasons of your favorite shows on disc
  • Stream music through your cell phone service provider
  • Break away from technology, connect with friends and family with a good game of cards at the dinner table.
Alternative Sources for Movie Entertainment - DIRECTV, RedBox, More

Good news! When you exceed your Internet data cap, Exede doesn't turn off your Internet service or charge you fees. Instead, your speeds are just throttled back so you can still connect and do essential online activities like check your email and online banking. Optionally, if you prefer, you can purchase more data for a nominal fee to get you to the end of the month at continued blazing speeds.

"Exceed Internet Allowance, do not - Choose the right package, you must." - Yoda

While it's possible to exceed the data limit for any satellite Internet plan available, above are some ways to avoid the issue. However, if you do exceed your satellite Internet plan on a regular basis, you might consider upgrading to a plan that allows more data in any given month.

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