What Happens When You Exceed Internet Data Allowances on Exede Internet?

For Exede customers, it is important to understand the need to not exceed Internet data allowances. Exede Internet delivers its fastest speeds available to every single customer. Depending on where you live, that may be 12 Mbps or 5 Mbps. Plans differ based on the data allowances each has per month.

Understanding Your Data Allowance

A data allowance is set by Exede for every plan level. The levels are 10, 15 or 25 GB per month. This means that everything you do online involves data use and is measured. You get to use your Internet service at full speed up to the point where you have used all the data allowed for the plan you have purchased. This ensures fair access to your network for all users by making sure it is not monopolized by a few heavy users.

Measuring Your Data Allowance

Everything you upload and download during your monthly measurement period is counted in your data allowance, beginning on the first day of the period. When you reach your data allowance, your access is restricted, slowed down or suspended for the remainder of that measurement period.

At the beginning of each monthly measurement period, your data usage is reset to zero. Even if you exceeded your allowance in the previous month, you get a fresh start. Restricted, suspended or slowed down service is returned to normal.

Customer Service

Exceed will also provide you with forums that are moderated and occupied by fellow customers. You get your Exceed questions answered when you want, from somebody going through the same internet issues as you.

Don't Exceed Internet Data Allowances with Monitoring

If you use your Internet more than occasionally, you will want to monitor your monthly usage, in order to avoid an inconvenient surprise if your data allowance is exceeded. Monitoring how much data you use is easy. Just log in to your account using your email address and password, and you will see exactly how much you have used this month. There is no simpler way to not exceed Internet data allowances.

Avoid Exceeding Internet Data Allowances - Use the Late Night Free Zone

The Exede Late Night Free Zone is your saving grace when it comes to your monthly data allowance. Every night from midnight to 5am, we give you unlimited, unmeasured data usage. You can upload or download as much as you want and your monthly allowance is untouched. Even if your service has been restricted because you have exceeded your limit, your access is back to normal and FREE every night during the Late Night Free Zone.