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Exede Internet | Satellite Plans and Pricing

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What is Exede?

Exede is a High Speed Satellite Internet provider, which was launched by ViaSat in 2012. Exede offers a number of internet service plans for rural homes across The United States. Exede offers fast speeds and large amounts of data, but it can be pricier than the competiion.

How Much Does Exede Cost?

Pricing for Exede's internet is dependent on the data and speeds associated with the package that you pick.

Exede Internet Plans

Not all of the Exede packages listed below are available everywhere. Take a look at the packages Exede offers and then call to speak to a Satellite Internet specialist. We will be able to help you find out whuch plans are available in your area and the package best suited to your needs. Below are the different plan categories available across the United States:

  • Classic: These plans come with Priority Data and include "Late Night Free Zone" and "Early Bird Free Zone"
  • Freedom: These plans come with 150GB of Priority Data
  • Evolution: These plans come with Unlimited Access to Email and Web Pages
  • Liberty: These plans come with Priority Data and include unmetered access at slower speeds called "Liberty Pass"

Classic Plans

  • Classic 10: 10GB Data | 5Mbps Download | 1Mbps Upload | $49.99/mo
  • Classic 15: 15GB Data | 5Mbps Download | 1Mbps Upload | $79.99/mo
  • Classic 25: 25GB Data | 5Mbps Download | 1Mbps Upload | $129.99/mo

Freedom Plans

  • Freedom: 150GB Data | 12Mbps Download | 3Mbps Upload | $99.99/mo

Evolution Plans

  • Evolution 10: 10GB Data | 12Mbps Download | 3Mbps Upload | $49.99/mo
  • Evolution 20: 20GB Data | 12Mbps Download | 3Mbps Upload | $69.99/mo

Liberty Plans

  • Liberty 12: 12GB Data | 12Mbps Download | 3Mbps Upload | $49.99/mo
  • Liberty 18: 18GB Data | 12Mbps Download | 3Mbps Upload | $69.99/mo
  • Liberty 30: 30GB Data | 12Mbps Download | 3Mbps Upload | $99.99/mo

Exede Internet Speeds

Like data, speeds are going to be dependent upon the plan selected and availability in your area, but Exede does offer download speeds up to 25Mbps. These speeds are fast enough for most normal use, but Satellite Internet is not ideal for fast twitch gaming or the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Exede Equipment

There are options to both purchase and lease equipment from Exede. The equipment required for Satellite Internet access is the satellite dish and a modem. If you want to access the internet wireless through a wifi network, you will also need a wireless router to connect to your modem. This can also be purchased or leased through Exede, depending on your plan. We reccomend purchasing your own wireless router, unless you have the option to upgrade to the Boost 25 Plan on select plans. This upgrade allows your to reach download speeds of 25Mbps and comes with an included wifi router.

Exede Internet Review

While there are multiple options for Satellite Internet in the United States, we have found that for high usage customers, who need fast download speeds that Exede can offer a great value based on location.


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