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Exede Offers High Speed Internet Service to Rural Areas

Satellite Internet is a fascinating and powerful technology. First, the Internet signal is beamed skyward to the ViaSat-1 satellite from a ground station. Through delivery of this strong, dependable satellite signal directly to a dish mounted on your home and connected to a modem, Exede can provide you and your household with top-tier Internet access and use. Simply plug your computer or wireless router into the modem, and start surfing.

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These popular advanced Internet connection options offer unlimited bandwidth and high speed service through advanced technology to many consumers today. However, Exede bridges the gap to quality Web access for many customers living in locations without cable or fiber optic service choices.

If you live in a rural area where unlimited broadband internet such as cable or fiber optic is not available, we have the answer you've been looking for! Exede satellite Internet service lets you enjoy hours of high speed Internet usage such as browsing, downloading files, streaming music and videos and more like never before.

Exede Will Provide You with a Fast, Reliable Internet Experience

Major advantages of selecting Exede for quality Internet service include the following:

  • Fast, Efficient Downloads. - With Exede Internet service, you are assured of fast download speeds of 12 Mbps for all service plans, unlimited in some locations.
  • Rapid Upload Speeds. - Exede plans provide you with 3 Mbps of upload speed. You can enjoy video-chats with Skypeâ„¢ and the convenience of sharing Web content, files or photos with others.
  • Swift Installation for Internet Access. - You will be amazed and pleased by the swift, top-quality installation you receive as an Exede customer. With fast dish installation, your Internet service will begin quickly and smoothly for an excellent online experience. You can say goodbye to slow, outdated dialup and DSL connections today, leaving them behind for the myriad benefits of quality satellite service.

Your quality high speed Internet service from Exede is designed and managed by the same expert IT pros who have engineered sophisticated technologies for top-level global enterprises. With the fast uploading and downloading capabilities of your new IT service, you will quickly realize the great benefits of high speed broadband Internet via satellite. For example, with download speed of 12 Mbps from Exede, you are way ahead of the average speeds with DSL (6 Mbps), Rural DSL (3 Mbps) and First Generation Satellite Internet (1 Mbps).

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Faster upload and dowload speeds than ever before with Satellite!

Available in Rural Areas

Satellite service coverage isn't limited by phone lines and cables.

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