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Frequently Asked Questions - WildBlue, Exede

Q: What is the Customer Care number for WildBlue or Exede?


Q: What type of speed can I expect from Exede?

Two Exede plans are available, based on where you reside.

  1. Exede 12: a 12 Mbps downstream/ 3 Mbps upstream speed in the areas equipped with our state-of-the-art ViaSat-1 satellite.
  2. Exede 5: a 5 Mbps downstream/ 1 Mbps upstream speed for the remainder of the country.

Inside every locality, the usage plans are all comprised of the maximum speeds available and alter only by data allotment.

Q: Do I get the same exact speed regardless of which plan I purchase?

Yes. Our belief is that customers should not be required to pay additional to receive the maximum speed we offer. You purchase the volume of data you desire.

Q: How do you have the ability to offer such quick speeds? Isn't satellite Internet traditionally quite slow?

Exede high speed web access is the result of an operation that commenced in 2008 when ViaSat began development on its state-of-the-art satellite, ViaSat-1. This modernization distributes the most powerful accomodation spike ever realized. Instituted in October 2011, ViaSat-1 has more capacity than the combination of all other such satellites over North America with the purpose of serving more than a million customers. As you can see, we recreated satellite Internet.

Q: Should I be concerned about satellite Internet inactivity?

To be completely forthright, the impact of dormancy on the speed of satellite Internet has been overstated. These satellites are rotating approximately 22,000 miles over the Earth, yet the speed of light is about 186,282 miles every second. The reason earlier types of satellite Internet were stagnant was due to former technology rather than latency. Today, the new Exede service integrates new, state-of-the-art acceleration technology, which drastically hastens Webpage load times and minimizes the impact of latency. This means that not only will you experience significantly higher speeds from our powerful satellite, you will also enjoy a more distinct web surfing experience. Combining ViaSat-1, innovative acceleration technology, and brand-new customer equipment make Exede Internet an immensely satisfying experience for all subscribers.

Q: What sort of new things would I be able to do?

With the all new Exede plan, you can now experience all that the Internet has to offer:
  • Stream videos, your favorite series, and movies with less buffering time
  • Higher-quality video conference with less stall
  • Photo sharing made easy
  • Download and stream music effortlessly
  • Enjoy high speed web surfing and email
  • Connect several PCs, smart phones, tablets, and Web-enabled TVs
  • Continuing efforts to offer upgraded services like VoIP as they become available

Q: Does VoIP work with Exede Services?

Yes. Our recent launch includes our VoIP product, Exede Voice, which is designed specifically for our system. Unlimited calling to local and long-distance numbers in the United States and Canada is included. While you can expect other VoIP plans to work fine with Exede, however you'll likely experience vastly improved results with Exede Voice. In addition, calls aren’t counted toward your data allotment as they likely would with external VoIP services.

Q: Does Exede support VPN (virtual private network)?

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) along with other applications used to access computers remotely may be sluggish with Exede service. Not all VPNs will work with Exede.

Q: Does Exede satellite Internet support gaming?

Some games played via the Internet may perform poorly while others may not work at all.

Q: How does installation work? Is installation of my own dish permissible?

Our organization is comprised of certified professional technicians who install the hardware and complete the activation process at your locale in a quick and skillful manner. The miniature dish is around 30 inches x 28 inches (w x h) and can be effectively affixed to a rooftop, outside wall, or ground. A cable from the dish attaches to the modem, which connects to your PC through an Ethernet connection. Installation requires the technician to ensure that the dish is pointed at the satellite precisely and to check that all network components are secure. For this reason, installation by anyone other than a certified technician is not a service we offer.

Q: Is installation of the Exede dish in compliance with the rules of my Home Owners Association?

According to the FCC, the Exede dish falls under the "Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule". Thus, our dish is regulated in the same manner as other private satellite dishes, (for example, satellite TV) and lawfully admissible to install on your home. However, it is a good idea to consult your HOA for definitive rules and regulations that may modify your rights. For more information on the FCC rules and dish characterization, see the FCC OTARD documentation.

Q: What is the data allotment I am allowed to use per month? What are the consequences if I surpass it?

The only distinction among our monthly Internet plans is the volume of data you are permitted to use with each one. With three satellite service arrangements to consider, you can effortlessly choose the most suitable one for you. Simply select the plan you need taking into account the amount of data you plan to utilize. Watching videos necessitates more data usage, sending and receiving email requires little data usage. If you exhaust your data allotment prior to your monthly reload date, we may essentially slow and/or limit your usage, or specific aspects of your service, until the end of your monthly usage period. Each month, your data allowance will be set to zero, and your normal speed will be reinstated. If you decide that you require more data than your plan permits, you can simply choose a larger data plan. We do not charge customers to change service plans among bundles.

Q: Does weather influence the performance of Exede Internet?

Exede Internet is only moderately impacted by nasty climate – commonly just under cutting-edge satellite, ViaSat-1. This innovation distributes the serious weather situations. When it is raining or snowing, you may experience slower Internet service; however, this typically abates when the precipitation stops. Total cessation of service should not happen unless the weather is especially severe.

Q: Will wireless home networking work with Exede?

Yes. Most leading wireless home network components are suitable to be used on the Exede service.

Q: Is a telephone line required to use the satellite service?

No. Exede provides a powerful 2-way broadband connection that does not require a telephone line.

Q: Is a southern view line required for signal reception from your satellite?

Yes. An unobstructed view of the southern sky is required for clear reception from the Exede satellite.

Q: What type of warranty do you provide for the hardware?

A limited warranty of 90-days labor/24 months parts is offered at no charge to all customers.

Q: Which email choices are available when I sign up with Exede?

Exede offers a state-of-the-art selection of Internet services available through our fellowship with Google. Exede subscribers may choose to receive from 5 to 10 email addresses (each with a capacity of 7 GB or more). For customers who require additional email addresses, these are accessible for a moderate additional charge.

Q: Does my Exede account include dial-up service?

Exede offers an elective remote-access dial-up plan, which allows you to connect to your email and the Web when you are away from your home or workplace. The dial-up plan is $7.95 per month for 10 hours of usage each month.

Q: When I sign up with Exede, must I also have an account with another Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

No. Exede Internet incorporates all significant ISP benefits including email and Web space. You have the option of utilizing your present ISP for email and using the Exede Internet for your broadband Internet access. Consult with your existing ISP for specifics as additional ISP charges could be assessed.

Q: If I am a customer of Exede Internet, would I be able to keep my AOL® account?

Yes. You can utilize Exede for broadband Internet service and still keep your AOL® plan if, for instance, you need to preserve your current email account. Subscribers who choose this option will be required to pay a separate charge to AOL® in addition to your monthly Exede service charge. Contact AOL® for specific details.

Q: Does Exede impose a bandwidth limit?

As with other ISPs, Exede oversees its system through a Fair Access Policy so that exceptional utilization by a few subscribers doesn't negatively impact the ordinary use of other subscribers. For most customers, the Fair Access Policy has no impact on their utilization. For the few substantial bandwidth customers who surpass the Fair Access Policy's limits, the network will limit their speeds until their use falls below the acceptable limit. Read our Fair Access Policy for specific details.

Q: I'm an existing WildBlue subscriber. Can I sign up for the new Exede Internet?

Yes. As an esteemed current subscriber, we want to offer you the new high speed Exede Internet. The transition will require a state-of-the-art satellite dish and modem, which will be mounted and set up by a certified installer. We may have the capacity to utilize the current wiring and support structure for the satellite dish outside your residence. There is a fee to transition to the new Internet service.

Q: Do I have the option to remain a customer with my existing WildBlue plan?

We pride ourselves on our dedication to offering exceptional service for subscribers who desire to remain with their WildBlue Internet service. Additionally, we plan to implement technology improvements for our WildBlue subscribers in the coming months. Above all, you won't need to do anything to get these advantages – they will be implemented as the new classification of service is accessible. For customers who opt to stay with your current WildBlue Internet service, enhancing your Internet experience is an important priority for us.

Q: I’m not familiar with ViaSat. Who are they?

ViaSat is the organization that provides both the current WildBlue Internet access and the brand-new Exede service. ViaSat is a trailblazer and pioneer in the satellite business, offering products and services to residential buyers, organizations, the U.S. military, and the U.S. government. Learn more about them at www.viasat.com.

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