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Satellite Internet Service FAQ

Q: What type of speed can I expect from Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet service providers can achieve download speeds over 250 times faster than your 56 kbps dial-up internet service, up to five (5) times faster than your normal 3 mbps DSL service.

Q: What can I use my Satellite Internet for?

  • Streaming videos, music, movies
  • Video conferencing
  • Online shopping, online banking, plan a vacation
  • Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, more!
  • Enjoy high speed web surfing and email
  • Play turn-based games
  • Connect several PCs, smart phones, tablets, and Web-enabled TVs
  • More...
Still unsure? If you want to know for sure if Satellite Internet will work for your needs, ask a satellite internet specialist!

Q: Does VoIP work with Satellite Internet services?

Yes. It's best to use the VOIP service offered by your Satellite Internet service provider of your choosing (HughesNet or Exede) because they prioritize the voice data so you don't have any quality issues. Plus, they don't count the VOIP data usage against your monthly data allowance! So, talk all you want...

Q: Does satellite Internet support gaming?

Online games vary in their minimum internet connection requirements. Turn based games are less demanding allowing you time to make your move. However, fast twitch games such as Halo and other fast action games which require your immediate real time response or its "game over"... satellite internet will not meet those requirements. If you have questions about whether your favorite online games can be played over a Satellite Internet connection, ask a satellite internet specialist!

Faster Speeds

Faster upload and dowload speeds than ever before with Satellite!

Available in Rural Areas

Satellite service coverage isn't limited by phone lines and cables.

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