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WildBlue Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a compilation of common questions about WildBlue Internet service, or about Satellite Internet in general. Feel free to call us at 1-877-396-9684 to get answers to other questions you might have.

What Type Of Service Is This, And Where Can It Be Found?

Wild Blue Internet service can be found almost everywhere in the United States. It provides homes, offices and businesses with access to high-speed internet that is provided via a satellite connection.

Why Would I Choose Wild Blue Internet?

The biggest reason to choose this is that dial-up internet connections are much slower. You can use satellite to get speeds of 1.5 Mbps. When you are downloading files - things such as movies, music tracks, or photographs - this might end up reaching speeds that are faster than your previous dial-up connection by as much as thirty times. This gives you access to content that you could never have retrieved before. You also get the advantage of never having a connection that has to be turned on and off when you want to use it. The satellite connection is always active.

What is Exede?

Check Exede Coverage Exede satellite internet service is the new super fast internet offered by ViaSat, the same company that brought you WildBlue. This new broadband internet service offers speeds up to 240 times faster than dial-up internet. Check Exede Availability in your area and sign up, Today!

Is It Difficult To Use?

Really, it is not at all difficult for even the average computer user. We will professionally install the system in your home; this can take three hours, though it typically just takes two. Then you will have the ability to surf all over the Internet. The speed will be amazing to you. Furthermore, you will be able to use the same browser that you have always used. You can go to all of the sites that you used to browse. You can check your email in the same way that you always have. Everything is identical, the only difference being the increased speed.

Do Cancellation Fees Apply?

As a customer, you will be asked to sign a contract for twenty-four months for Wild Blue Internet. Those who cancel their service prior to the end of the Minimum Service Term, and those who cancel before their Extension Term has ended, will have to pay a Termination Fee that of the number of remaining months on the contract multiplied by fifteen dollars. Services Provided and Overall Costs

Do I Get Email Options Along With My Account?

You will be offered a number of services that are powered by Google. For instance, you will be allowed to have somewhere between a total of five and ten addresses to use for your emailing needs. Each will provide you with seven GB of capacity at the very least. For a small fee, you can increase the number of accounts.

Can I Still Have Dial-Up Internet?

If you would like, you can get dial-up services that can be accessed remotely. This gives you a way to check your email or to use the Internet at times when you are not at your office or in your home. These only cost $7.95 per month. You are given ten hours to spend each month.

When I Get Wild Blue Internet, Must I Also Have An Account With One Of The Local Internet Service Providers?

You do not need an account with an ISP if you have satellite internet services. You get all of the features that you need from the satellite service. If you would like, you can choose to continue using your the ISP that you currently use for any email services; you can then use the satellite service for times when you want broadband Internet access. Check with your current Internet Service Provider to get any details, since you may have to pay the ISP separately to do this.

Am I Allowed To Keep The AOL Account That I Have Already?

You can do this if you would like. It is possible to use satellite internet services for any access through the high-speed broadband connection. You can then retain the AOL service in order to keep the email address that you have currently. However, do not forget that you will need to pay AOL in order to do this. You will also have to pay for your internet connection.

Are Heavy Bandwidth Users Limited In Any Way?

We do believe in the Fair Access Policy, something that many ISPs have embraced. We want to make is so that heavy usage stemming from a small number of customers will not negatively impact others. Most users will never notice this since they are not online often enough. A few users, those who are using much more bandwidth than average, could go past the limit set by the this Fair Access Policy. Their speed must be restricted.

Does The Equipment Come With A Warranty?

Wild Blue Internet equipment does come with a warranty. For ninety days, all labor will be covered. Parts will be covered for two years. There is no charge for this service. Information Regarding Availability

Will I Be Able To Get These Services in Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii?

Early on in 2012, you will be able to get service in both Alaska and Hawaii. There are no plans for Puerto Rico to have any service in the future, though that could change. Information Regarding The Installation Process

Can You Describe The Installation? Is It Possible For Me To Put Up The Dish Myself?

Our own installers will put up the equipment in a quick and efficient manner. They will then activate the high-speed broadband service at the location that you have selected. The mini-dish that we use measures about twenty-six inches across by twenty-eight inches. It fits on your roof, your exterior wall, or on the ground. We will run a cable from a satellite modem (this is a little box that can be set near your computer) to the dish. The modem can then be connected with an Ethernet cable to the computer. A professional must do this. They alone will know if the dish is aiming up at a satellite and if the connections have been put together correctly. There is no option for self-installation.

Does The Home Owners Association In My Area Allow A Dish To Be Mounted?

According to the FCC, a dish must fall under the rule for devices that receive signals over the air. This classification is shared by dishes for residential satellite television. You can legally mount it on a home. You should make sure that the HOA in your area does not have additional rules.

Will I Be Able To Set Up A Wireless Network In My Home?

Since our equipment can be used with almost all wireless networking devices and products, you can set up a network.

Will I Be Forced To Have A Phone Line As Well?

No phone lines are required for this Wild Blue broadband connection.

Will A Southern Sightline Be Required To Get The Satellite Signal?

It will be necessary for you to have an unobstructed view of the sky in the south so that the signal can get through from the satellite. Further Information About Technical Details

What Connection Speed Will I Get?

The always-on satellite connection will provide you with speeds for downloading that can reach 1.5 Mbps. Dial-up internet is thirty times slower than this. You will also get speeds for uploading that can reach 256 Kbps. Many things that dial-up modems cannot provide will be available to you.

Does Latency Have Any Impact? Will Real-Time Gaming And Phone Calls Be Possible Over The Internet?

We have created the system to be able to fight the impact that latency can have. Latency is a period of delay that comes about while the signal travels to the satellite. There will be some delay, however, since the signal must move from the satellite, to the modem, and then to your computer. The vast majority of applications will not find latency to be something that lowers performance. Some programs, such as those that allow gaming on the internet or real-time phone calls, will feel the impact of latency and delay, just as they would on any other system that was set up using satellite technology.

What Do I Do If I Do Not Have An NIC, or Network Interface Card, in my computer?

The majority of computers are able to be upgraded easily. You can just have the 10/100 NIC added to the system. You can buy these at nearly any computer store. You can also order them online. Generally, these are easy to install on your own. A professional from the store can also do it in mere minutes. If your computer has USB ports that are not being used, you will also be able to buy an Ethernet adapter that plugs into this port. You can get one of these from the same stores. Installing this is even easier than the option mentioned above. If you are a laptop user, you just need to buy a PCMCIA card. This will give you the Ethernet connection that you want. Alternatively, you may want to buy an Ethernet adapter that hooks up to a USB port. We would like to recommend that taking the time to upgrade the entire computer is the best option. You can easily upgrade it so that the requirements that are listed above are met.

Does The Weather Impact The Service?

You should note that there may be a minimal impact on your Wild Blue Internet service that is caused by incidents of inclement weather. Generally, only the most severe conditions can cause this. If the rain or snow is falling quite hard, the speeds may decrease. They will speed up again when this stops. You should never lose the entire connection unless you are experiencing weather that is incredibly harsh. A tornado or a hurricane, for example, could cause the service to fail completely.