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How Satellite Internet Works - Equipment and Installation

How exactly does satellite Internet technology work?

To provide rural America with broadband Internet access, satellite Internet providers spend millions of dollars to put high capacity satellites in space. On your end, the satellite internet provider will supply you with a modem and a small satellite dish which is around the same size as a standard satellite TV dish. Everything gets setup by certified installers that install and configure the service at your home... they don't leave until your Internet is working and has been tested for giving you blazing download speeds that match your Internet plan.

Diagram: How Satellite Internet Works
1. Your Device and the satellite Internet modem.
The satellite Internet modem supplied to you is connected directly to your laptop or PC with an Ethernet cable which is also included with installation. Another option that you have is to purchase a wireless router and connect it to our modem. This lets you create an in-home network that will let you connect various Internet-enabled devices, such as computers, smartphones, gaming consoles and tablets to the Internet service.
2. The satellite dish.
The satellite dish that gets installed receives and transmits signals with the internet provider's satellite. It is approximately the same size as most dishes used for satellite TV. The small satellite dish can be mounted in various locations such as on your roof, on a pole or on the side of your home.
3. Satellite in space.
The satellite is responsible for relaying signals that come from your home to the satellite internet provider's gateways. The satellite also transmits signals from the gateway to your home. The satellite takes advantage of the latest in spot beam technology to offer faster speeds and more reliable service.
4. Gateways.
Satellite internet providers have gateways in various locations across North America which enable transmission of information between the Internet, the satellite and your home.
5. The Internet.
Anything that you could access on the Internet through a wired connection will be available as well when you use the satellite Internet service. This means you can browse the web at high speeds, watch videos, download music, connect to your friends and family through video chat and a whole lot more.

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