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How Satellite Internet Works

One of the best ways of connecting to satellite Internet is through the use of Wild Blue Internet. Wild Blue uses 2 satellites, each of which provides high speed satellite Internet connection to computers. 

Satellite Internet Service Providers Wild Blue speeds are up to thirty times faster than dial-up connections. Users get a whole new experience when surfing the Web because of the high speeds. Whether they are loading pages full of graphics, sharing photos, playing interactive online games or downloading videos and music, everything will be a breeze. 

How to Access Wild Blue Internet

Besides their personal computers, users require a mini satellite dish measuring just 26” and modem to access the Internet. The mini dish is a 2-way communication device that receives and sends signals to a Wild Blue satellite. Besides being mounted on a wall or roof, the dish is small enough to be mounted on a pole fixed to the ground. 

Clients do not need to worry about installation because Wild Blue offers professional services that take between 2 and 3 hours. 

The modem converts the signals from the Wild Blue satellite received via the mini dish for the computer to use and vice versa. The standard modem technology used allows for a small modem that is relatively cheap. 

Users can access Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service Providers through any type of modern computer, whether it is a Mac or PC. The modem connects to the computer via an Ethernet connection to provide access to high-speed Internet. It can be connected directly to the computer or communicate with it wirelessly via a router or hub. 

Wild Blue Infrastructure

Telesat’s Anik F2 and WildBlue-1 satellites used employ advanced Ka-band system delivering sixty-six spot beams that cover the contiguous U.S. Wild Blue uses the spot-beam architecture at Ka-band frequencies of 20/30 GHz to offer high-speed Wild Blue Internet. 

It has eleven gateways at strategic locations in both America and Canada to ensure proper coverage. The gateways are connected to the Internet using a modern fiber backbone that offers robust and fast connections.

Virus Protection

Clients are advised to install the latest anti-virus and update it regularly to protect against the threat of virus attack. For the first year, Wild Blue customers will use the powerful F-Secure anti-virus free of charge. After the initial twelve months, they will still use it for only $2.95 a month.

Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service Providers are ideal for both small office and home use.