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Should I get Satellite Internet?

Who is a good fit for Satellite Internet Service?

Satellite Internet isn't for everyone. If you want high speed Internet in your home, then it's definitely an option to consider. However, before you jump to the conclusion that satellite Internet is right for you, you need to learn about the limitations of satellite Internet.

Typically, people that live in rural areas outside the city limit are a perfect candidate for satellite. If you have cable Internet or fiber optic Internet service available at your address, or if you're looking for unlimited broadband Internet service so you can stream movies every night and play fast action online video games, then satellite Internet is not the right choice for you.

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Often times people want to switch from their local cable internet service provider. The reasons vary. If cable is available to you, then you should check be sure to check your anticipated Internet usage and understand the limitations of satellite before making the switch from cable.

Should NOT get satellite Internet

  • Heavy video streamers
  • Cable or Fiber Optic service is available
  • Play fast-twitch games online
  • Unlimited data bandwidth usage

Should get satellite Internet

  • Home is in a rural area
  • Dial-Up and DSL are only services available
  • Frustrated with fluctuating speeds
  • Unhappy with current service provider

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