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Recovery Act High-Speed Internet Deal

Wild Blue Internet - The Same Superior Service for a Limited-Time Reduced Price - Thanks to the United States Government

The United States Recovery Act makes it Possible for Wild Blue Internet to Provide High-Speed Internet to Locations Unable to Acquire Wire-line Services

Consumers are capable of taking advantage of the most reasonably priced deal we have ever provided, and the month-to-month cost for this special offer is assured for the entire time you are a customer of Wild Blue Internet. Benefit from government funding and obtain High-Speed Internet at reduced rates.

This packages is identical to the same superior service WildBlue experienced by almost 500,000 Americans. The only variance is that the United States Government is offering funds to assist with the expense of the month-to-month service and equipment for qualified families and individuals.

Recovery Act Package Specifics*

  • No charge for activation
  • Downloads speeds of up to 1 Mbps
  • Lower month-to-month price
  • Leasing equipment costs ZERO per month
  • Standard installation is FREE
  • Technical support is FREE and available 24 hours daily

This offer is a limited-time deal. The US Recovery Act for the WildBlue package will only be obtainable until the US funding runs out. This service will not exist for a long period; therefore, if you want to get this special deal, we suggest contacting us today to see if your location is one of the eligible areas.

*The reduced Prices are for Broadband Initiative Packages solely. This deal is not obtainable in all locations. To find out if you qualify, please contact us at (phone number). Participants must agree to a minimum term of twelve months. Customers must return equipment to Wild Blue Internet at the time when customers cancel service. Unreturned Internet equipment will incur additionally fees. In order for services to work adequately, it is necessary for the system to be situated where the southern atmosphere is clearly viewable, as signals come from the southern areas of the sky. Usage is contingent on the amount of data transmission restrictions. Mbps are not guaranteed. For more information, please view our Website Terms and Conditions.

The WildBlue Recovery Act package is obtainable only until the US funding runs outs - contact us today!
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