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WildBlue Equipment

WildBlue Equipment for Satellite Internet Service

WildBlue satellite Internet service comes with the necessary equipment to make your Internet service work. Once installed, you use the Internet provided by Wildblue just like any other broadband Internet provider. Simply turn on your computer and start browsing the Internet. The equipment you get with WildBlue prevents you from having to dial into the service provider like the old day.

The quality of your WildBlue service will greatly depend on how well the WildBlue satellite dish is installed. If the dish is not properly configured with the satellite, then your Internet service speeds and connection reliability may be degraded. If you notice the WildBlue service performing abnormal then it could simply require a recalibration from a professional satellite installer. It's recommended that you occassionally do a speed test to ensure your equipment is working normal and giving you the best Internet service experience from Wildblue.

Professional Satellite Installer
WildBlue Satellite Dish

WildBlue Satellite Dish

The professional satellite installer will mount the Wildblue satellite dish wherever he can obtain a clear view of the southern sky. Sometimes it has to be mounted onto your roof, on the side of your home or on a pole somewhere on your property, close to your home.

Customers that live in a northern state where temperatures reach freezing, we recommend you get a satellite dish warmer to keep your satellite dish from freezing or collecting too much snow which will interfere with your satellite dish's reception. In the cold months, if you notice a change in your WildBlue internet's performance, then you most likely have snow on the dish.

WildBlue Modem

WildBlue Internet Modem

The modem you get from WildBlue will give you an always-on Internet connection. Although the satellite modem you get from WildBlue is not wireless, you can plug the modem into your wireless router to give you wireless internet access throughout your home.

The modem is a small box about the size of a book which sits inside your home, connected to the satellite dish that is mounted somewhere outside your home.

Have you Upgraded your WildBlue to Exede?

Exede Satellite Modem

Many WildBlue subscribers have upgraded to the new Exede satellite Internet which offers customers speeds up to 4x faster than the fastest WildBlue service. You can easily tell whether you have Exede or WildBlue by looking at your modem. If your Internet modem is black, then you have Exede. If your modem is blue, then you have WildBlue and you should call an internet specialist to find out if you qualify for an upgrade to Exede Internet.

Faster Speeds

Faster upload and dowload speeds than ever before with Satellite!

Available in Rural Areas

Satellite service coverage isn't limited by phone lines and cables.

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