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WildBlue Equipment

Satellite Internet Equipment

In order for clients to access satellite Internet, they need 2 pieces of equipment besides their computers. These are the particular satellite devices from WildBlue.

Satellite Mini-dish

The 26” mini dish sends signals from clients’ computers to 1 of WildBlue’s 2 satellites and receives signals from the satellite. The company provides small but powerful satellite dishes by using state-of-the-art microwave technology for sending and receiving data. 

Satellite Modem

The modem connects the mini dish and 1 or more computers. It converts the signals from the satellite for the computers and vice versa so that the computers can communicate with the WildBlue network for high-speed Internet.

A modem may be connected directly to a computer via the Ethernet port or indirectly via a wireless router.

The modems are designed using advanced DOCSIS cable technology, which offers small modems at a relatively low cost.


No matter how good the pieces of satellite equipment may be, they will not function properly without professional installation. WildBlue has experts who install the satellite equipment professionally within 2 to 3 hours because the company is committed to ensuring its customers enjoy the best Internet experience. 

It is important to have a standard installation to avoid extra charges apart from getting quality Internet access. Here are the things involved in a standard installation.
  • Professional installation performed by a certified WildBlue installer.
  • The distance between the subscriber’s location and installer’s office must be within fifty miles.
  • The RG-6 cable between the mini dish and modem should be up to a hundred feet.
  • The cable is routed through 1 external wall and either the floor or 1 interior wall.
  • The modem must be connected to 1 computer. Connections via wireless routers for multiple computers are not covered under standard installation.

Subscribers are encouraged to use the services of WildBlue certified installers to ensure maximum performance of their satellite equipment.