Exede Broadband is Now Available

Get Exede - The Fastest Satellite Internet

Exede Redefines High Speed Satellite Internet

Exede by Via Sat is satellite internet service with download speeds of up to 12 Mbps - That's eight (8) times faster than WildBlue's Pro Plan! Download faster, watch more streaming videos, be more social than ever before! Faster internet speeds means less time waiting and more time doing what you love.

Check out the Exede Packages available, and call (877)396-9684 to sign up for service, today!

WildBlue or Exede?

WildBlue has been a leading provider of satellite broadband internet for years. But the new Exede by Via Sat blows away WildBlue, and all the rest of the old satellite internet providers. Why are we telling you about Exede on this website? That's because Via Sat, the company that brings you the all new Exede, is also the parent company of WildBlue. Like WildBlue, you can rest assured that your high speed internet service with Exede will be reliable, and customer service exceed your expectations.

Exede Coverage

Exede Coverage Map in United StatesIn rural areas where traditional high speed internet is unavailable, you can now get Exede satellite broadband internet. There are currently two levels of Exede service available, Exede12 and Exede5. You can find out which level of service is available in your area using our Exede coverage map.

Call (877)396-9684 to speak with a representative for the latest availability in your area.