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WildBlue Satellite Internet

High Speed Internet is Here

Dial-up may seem like the only option to some customers since DSL or Cable are not provided in their area, but satellite internet is available to any customer anywhere. Satellite internet is the solution to building a fast connection to the internet and the world regardless of your physical location. With satellite, you do not have to worry about the presence of DSL, cable or even phone lines. Faster internet capabilities offered through satellite offer the opportunity to stream videos, get fast response when you click around the web. A fast internet connection truly allows anyone to gain access to an infinite amount of savings on the web - time and money. Get satellite internet and give yourself the joys of faster internet.

WildBlue Offers Flexibility

WildBlue offers plans to match your demand and your budget. The pro plan offers bandwidth and thresholds needed by a business or a house with multiple computers connected simultaneously, or if you just a speed freak! Learn more about WildBlue Internet Packages available.

WildBlue Deals

WildBlue offers discounts and rebates subject to availability by area, or sometimes funds such as the Recovery Act High Speed Internet deal. To find out about current offers or deals in your area, call 1-877-396-9684, or submit your information using the form located on the left.

We are currently offering a referral program. Refer a friend to us and you will save a $50 gift card. It's simple... just have your friend mention your account to us and after three months of service you receive a $50 gift card - spend it wherever, however you want!