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Exede Satellite Internet Providers vs. Dial-Up Internet

Dial-up may seem like the only option to some customers since DSL or Cable are not available in their area, but satellite internet providers are available across the entire United States, including rural areas. Faster internet capabilities available through satellite offer the opportunity to watch videos, get fast response to all clicks and even take advantage of VOIPs like free long distance phone calling with Skype. A fast internet connection truly allows anyone to gain access to an infinite amount of savings on the web. Get satellite internet and give yourself the joys of faster internet.

Satellite Internet vs. Dial-Up

Back when the Internet first became available to the average computer user, dial-up connections were the standard method of accessing the Web. This was perfectly acceptable ten years ago, but websites have become far more sophisticated since then. They feature more advanced graphics, embedded videos and generally far more functionality than those of the past. A dial-up connection may have been just fine years ago, but these days a high-speed Internet connection is all but required to experience the Web as it is meant to be seen. For those in rural areas, access to high-speed Internet may be limited, but there is still the option of Satellite Internet. Satellite Internet is up to 30 times faster than dial-up connections, and with many households opting for cell phones instead of "old-fashioned" phone lines it's also a great option for those who don't want to pay to keep an active land line.

A satellite Internet connection as well as other kinds of high-speed Internet will always be "on," which means that you won't have to tie up a phone line in order to be connected to the web. You will no longer have to worry about being disconnected accidentally whenever someone in your home tries to make a phone call, and those who are calling your home won't be greeted with a busy signal whenever someone is online. Satellite Internet connections are of course much faster, smoother and more convenient than dial-up. With such a connection you will be able to listen to music, watch videos, chat with friends or play games with almost no interruptions.

If you want to save money by cancelling your land line or you are sick of an unreliable dial-up connection, a high-speed Internet connection is ideal. Even if you live in a remote rural area, a satellite Internet connection is within your grasp thanks to WildBlue. Call them today to move away from dial-up forever.